Saving Australian students and education staff up to 70% on laptops, tablets, and computer accessories.

Am I eligible?

Our products are available for students, parents buying for students, students accepted into university, teachers, lecturers, and staff at any level of education.

Why can’t I see prices?

Prices are only available to verified users. In Australia, we legally need to make sure you’re a student or member of education staff before we can show them to you. It sucks, but we’ve done our best to make it as easy as possible (see below).

How do I become verified?

Make an account by giving us your email address and setting a password. If you use a registered education email address (think, it’ll be instantly verified. Otherwise, please have a photo of your student card or enrolment document ready, then drag and drop them onto our site for upload. One of our representatives will then either approve your account, or get in contact with you for further information.

Why buy with BYOD Store, and not somewhere else?

  1. Personalized customer service

    As a growing business located on the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, we pride ourselves on creating positive, long-lasting relationships with our clients. We really value you and want you to have a good experience.

    You won’t get that kind of personal support from a franchise. Unless it’s Apple. But we try to be like Apple.

  2. Local support from intelligent IT specialists

    All phone calls are taken in our office, within Australia. Your questions will be answered carefully by our skilled team of IT specialists—whether you’re unsure of which computer to buy for your child’s curriculum, or need help with a problem.

  3. Vetted, long lasting designs

    Through our parent company, Edunet (which sells thousands of devices, directly to schools), we’ve learned which designs are the most durable and long lasting.

    If it gives you a great customer experience, and us less repair work, why wouldn’t we sell only the best models?

  4. Experienced in what works for different ages

    We have years of knowledge as to which devices are best for different ages, both regarding durability and how easily they’ll learn on them.

  5. Devices not sold through public retail

    We sell devices which are usually only sold directly to schools, or commercial businesses—you can’t buy them through normal retail. They’re stronger, and more durable than those designed for personal use.

    While other education resellers do this as well, we think it’s a point worth mentioning.

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