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Lenovo Sealed Battery Warranty Extension

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$38.00 AUD

Battery availability and health is essential to ensure maximum productivity when and where you need it. Avoid the hassle of dealing with system unavailability and unplanned IT expenses by extending the one year base battery warranty on your notebook or tablet up to three years.

What`s in it for me?

Sealed Battery Warranty Extension is an extra warranty service offering designed especially for integrated (sealed) battery technology PCs.

Integrated battery is a non-CRU (non-Customer Replaceable Unit). This means the battery replacement involves sending the machine to a repair centre or Onsite servicing by a trained technician.

A one-year base battery warranty is the standard norm regardless of the system`s warranty. A low upfront cost of the Sealed Battery Warranty Extension provides significant savings relative to a non-covered replacement.

The extended battery warranty offers a one-time replacement in case the covered battery fails to meet the minimum performance standards.

Claiming warranty is as simple as contacting BYOD Store at 1300 338 638 or emailing admin@byodstore.com.au. Our parent company, Edunet, is a 5 star Lenovo warranty agent.


Special notes

Batteries degrade over time and variables such as temperature, usage and time affect battery life. Battery health thresholds are determined by Lenovo’s built-in battery diagnostic tool that takes all these factors into consideration:

 - “Good” (Green): Battery is OK

- “Fair” (Yellow): Battery is getting weaker due to normal wear

- “Poor” (Red): Battery has an error condition or capacity is lower than normal for its age / cycle count. (Eligible for warranty replacement if in the warranty period)

Sealed Battery Warranty Extension is available for ThinkPad notebooks and tablets with integrated (sealed) battery, as well as for selected Lenovo-branded products.

The battery service period must match the system warranty.

This service only covers internal batteries. External Battery Warranty Extension can be obtained as a separate offering for selected ThinkPad models.